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Breads Soups Cookies/Scones Cakes/Quick Breads Sweets Christmas 2009
Green & Kalamata Olive
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Kalamata Olive Bread is another traditional Italian formula. In Sicily, an afternoon snack is a hunk of bread and a handful of olives. We combine the sweet-salty olive and bread in an exquisitely crusted loaf. Countless accounts say this is the best Olive Bread in D.C. Ours is made with Kalamata Olives, a stronger flavored olive than most, instead of a more salty Sicilian green. The crumb and taste of our Kalamata Olive Bread is the result of a long and slow mix. The olives are added in the last moments of mixing, maintaining their integrity. This bread has an amazing crust with a leaf-like pattern creating crusty ridges and tender bites between.

Ingredients: Unbleached Patent Flour, Biga, Kalamata Olives, Water and Salt.

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