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Breads Soups Cookies/Scones Cakes/Quick Breads Sweets Christmas 2009
Sundried Cranberry
and Walnut
$8.00       Order Now!
Featuring Toasted Walnuts and Sun-Dried Cranberries, this loaf is a great snack. It makes a fabulous toast and incredible sandwich. Sweet bites of Cranberries and tender crunches of Walnuts make this a great bread for picnics and breakfasts. Pairs well with nearly every cheese. We once thought this an Autumn Specialty Bread. Cheese lovers demanded it year-round. A healthy whole wheat bread that proves that healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless.

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Unbleached Patent Flour, Biga (Unbleached White Flour, Water and Yeast), Water, Sun-Dried Cranberries, Toasted Walnuts, Salt and Yeast.

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