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French Brioche
$8.00       Order Now!
Our clients say that this Brioche is the best that money can buy in the United States. It is traditionally prepared with the highest standards. Contains Molasses, whole milk from local dairies, sweet cream butter and farm fresh eggs. After a long slow mix, it is retarded for twenty-four hours and hand shaped into wonderful braids, teté du brioche and many others. Approximately four grams of salt per loaf. This loaf is made from fresh ingredients and takes a great deal of patience and skill to prepare, as a result, the price on this bread is significantly higher.

Ingredients: Unbleached Patent Flour, Aged Brioche Dough (same ingredients as Brioche aged for 48 hours), Farm Fresh Eggs, Fresh Milk from Local Dairies, Molasses, Sugar, Salt and Yeast.

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