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Pane Pugliese
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Pane Pugliese, (pahn-poo-lazy), a Rustic Italian Bread, made with Biga { (beegah) - an aged dough used for flavor and rising }. Very low sodium. In Italy there was a tax on salt, thus their version is salt free. We, however, are taxed on all things but salt so we added a bit for flavor and stability. Traditionally prepared with no expenses spared, we wait patiently. The initial two hour proofing stage increases it’s flavor and structure to an incomparable point. Also from this lasting rise, this dough collects pockets of air. When baked the crumb has irregular pockets which the Italians call Ochietta, “Little Eyes”, a direct result from the careful timing of this bread. It’s delicate crumb and outstanding flavor come from the time and energy spent on such a seemingly simplistic dough.

Ingredients: Unbleached Patent Flour, Water, Aged, Kosher Salt and Yeast.

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