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Breads Soups Cookies/Scones Cakes/Quick Breads Sweets Christmas 2009
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Ahhhhh Spring! One hundred fifty Bradford Pears are just finishing up their bloom along our driveway, Spring grass, Redbud trees, and a sea of assorted daffodils have replaced a tired winter here at Quail Creek Farm. We´ve seen huge growth in the two markets that are already open, Leesburg and especially our much beloved Penn Qtr. We thank you for your support! Though it is unthinkable Penn Qtr has been named DC´s BEST FARMER´S Market, replacing the legendary Dupont Circle, and our Pane Pugliese is listed as a bread not to be missed by a City Paper feature magazine, THE BEST OF DC. Hooray and thanks

We will continue to serve our best friends at Burke VA on Saturdays from 8a-noon May 3 thru October. Hey Kim, this one needs to go year round. The support there is just unbelievable.

We are thrilled to announce the brand new GREAT FALLS VA FARMER´S MARKET Thanks to Robb Waters and his staff we are expecting an explosive opening at the new location, St. Francis Episcopal Church on Georgetown Pike, Saturdays 8a-noon. I´ve been acquainted with this community for 5 decades and cannot wait to return. There have already been numerous contacts from Great Falls and I feel that we have put a first rate market together for you.

As exciting is the new Fresh Farm Market in Annapolis! Bernie and Ann are models for farmer´s markets internationally and we are so proud and excited that they´ve allowed us to open this incredible location. Sunday mornings 8a-noon beginning June 1.

Since 1783 my family has farmed and been buried in Western Loudoun, north of Upperville. Tenant farmers, grocers, and ministers in Loudoun since then. I lived in Loudoun County myself for a number of years before heading to NY for school and briefly after finishing the 5 yr program. I am excited to return to Loudoun this year at the Loudoun Valley Homegrown Markets on Catoctin Circle in Leesburg. This is a year round market and we do hope that you will support our effort there. Summer hours are 8a-noon Saturdays. I´ve already rekindled friendships with so many folks from years ago during the winter market.

In addition to new trucks and equipment we´ve made huge changes to Human Resources as well. We now have six of the finest people that I´ve ever employed on the Pastry side. Nicolas Gregory, a graduate from the Pastry Program at Baltimore International College is head of the department, and will be working with Gloria Roberts-Nash, and a new pastry chef from the Ritz-Carlton, Lacy Decker. Becky Stiller and Penny Bryant round out our new pastry effort. We´´re thankful for the rains and look forward to a bounty of soft fruits and vegetables from our farmers soon to get this pastry effort underway.

The Bread news is the addition of some new doughs, sweet doughs, and we are working hard to develop a sour dough program. Thanks to a great customer at Penn Qtr., I´ve had the privilege to spend time with Charlie van Over in CT who is revolutionizing bread production in the US. He and Priscilla opened up Chester CT with welcome arms to a stranger and we´ll be better for it. We have a brand new apprentice Chase Withrow and he is already amazing me with his breads in just a month. Welcome Chase.

Roland Mesnier and his lovely wife Martha drove out to the farm for a demo with great Fresh Farm market supporters Tyler Wilkins, Lauren Zucker, and their guests for a demonstration and tutillage for my young staff. Roland was the Executive Pastry Chef at the White House for 25 years. This came together to present me with perhaps the most glorious Spring event ever. Chef Messnier´s kindness, guidance, endorsement, and wit are perhaps the greatest resource that we´ve ever been blessed with at Quail Creek Farm. He has offered to allow us to reproduce his recipes and stay on board as mentor with our young crew. Thank you Bernie and the staff at Fresh Farm Markets for making this possible.

- Wes Lanham


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